Painfully Relatable Work Memes for Everyone on the Grind

As a child I never saw myself becoming a slave to both my computer and a 9-5 (let’s be real, 8-8) schedule. I thought I was going to marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas and that we’d be traveling the world by this point in my life. Maybe pop out a few kids. Enjoying those Home Improvement dollars at fancy restaurants and designer clothing stores. Unfortunately, things went a little differently. There are no designer clothes in my wardrobe, and I definitely can’t afford kids. My eyes are going from staring at a screen and I think I’m slowly becoming a hunchback from the horrible chairs at my office. Needless to say, I’m never excited for Monday to come around – but I am grateful that I can pay my bills. But that doesn’t make the grind fun. Instead of despairing at this monotonous reality, we prefer to scroll through memes that remind us we’re not alone in the struggle. And we’ve got quite a few of those relatable memes right here for you. Stay strong.

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