People Are Freaking Out At This Photo Of Camouflage Clothing Actually Working

There are few simpler ways to fly under the radar than effective camouflage. However, these days this seems to be a knowledge shared solely between outdoorsy types and those who have been in the military. For the rest of us, the print might be associated more with the Forever 21 discount rail than sophisticated disguise. 

Everyone has a vague idea of what purpose made camouflage materials are meant to do, but most of us are not accustomed to seeing it out in the wild. As a result, people were astounded when Twitter user @flept shared a photo of four people that was a successful example of camo doing what it does best. With so many blown away by its capabilities, it just goes to show: on the off chance we got hunted in the woods in an end-of-days survivalist killer scenario, most of us wouldn’t stand a chance.

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