People Debate the Merits of Restocking Videos, a Recent TikTok Phenomenon

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or even Instagram reels recently, chances are you’ve come across a restocking video. These popular videos generally feature a disembodied hand (or hands) filling a refrigerator, pantry, or bathroom with brand-new products. Most of the time, these products are removed from their original packaging and «re-homed» into some other vessel, often another plastic abomination that looks more «aesthetic.» Personally, I find the videos to be shockingly wasteful, both from an environmental standpoint and a financial standpoint. Do we really need to have 8 single-serve packages of butt wipes in our bathroom cupboards for guests? Do we really need 16 plastic water bottles in our fridge at all times? 

Twitter user @ericriveracooks recently took to the bird app in protest of these videos. While he may have missed the mark by claiming they’re a form of cosplaying the restocking duties of the service industry, we do think they’re a pretty gross (and unnecessary) display of wealth. It would seem our stance might put us in the minority. Many of the replies to Eric Rivera’s controversial post were in favor of the videos. Internet users liken them to ASMR, a self-soothing sort of video trend. 

As much as I’ve enjoyed the organizational skills of TikTokers vicariously, I just can’t get past the grotesque show of capitalism on display. That said, we’ve put together the best responses and videos to inform your point of view. Where do you stand on the topic of restocking videos? Are they therapeutic, wasteful, or maybe both?

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