People Share All the Reasons They Don’t Want to Work

Long ago at an old job, my colleagues and I had to do a «time management seminar» at our company. Instead of learning about how to magically muster up more hours in the day, we were essentially told that the problem was with us—if we couldn’t make time in the 40-hour work week for chores, relationships, and the things we loved to do, then maybe we were doing something wrong. They had us make a schedule for our «personal time,» which, of course, revolved around our work hours. The problem is that we’re not robots who can turn energy, motivation, and productivity on at will. We’re human beings, and we are tired. Why don’t we want to work? Because we want to live our lives. 

One redditor asked Reddit why people don’t want to work, and the answers are all too relatable. 

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