Photo of Alex Jones Turning Around In Court Gets the Royal Meme Treatment

Info Wars host and ridiculed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is not having a good week, month, or year. Judging by the way his defamation trials are going, the future is looking grim as well. Back in 2012, Jones had claimed the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax, part of a false flag conspiracy. The families, in turn, sued Jones for damages. In October, a judge ruled that Jones lacked proof of the hoax, and would have to pay the families a sum to be determined at another hearing. At the most recent hearing, the jury determined that Alex Jones would have to pay $45.2 million to the families. And there’s still more defamation cases pending.

It’s great to see justice served in absurd cases like this, and it’s also satisfying to know that Jones’ own lawyer leaked his incriminating texts. A less obvious benefit has been the meme-ability of the situation. In one still from the trial, Jones is captured turning his neck to see something happening in the back of the court, with a concerned look plastered to his face. The image has been inspiring a ton of memes, and we’ve put some of the better examples right here for your viewing pleasure and displeasure. 

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