Professor Charms The Internet After Editing Himself Into Animal Crossing For Zoom Class

The events of the past year and a half have not been an easy time to be in education. One of the main reasons for this are two little words that put the fear of god into students everywhere: distance learning. While it might be pretty sweet that you can rock up to Zoom class and start gaming with your camera switched off, it’s not exactly conducive to getting those qualifications. Not every teacher has been able to adapt smoothly to this new way of imparting their hard earned knowledge, but some have come up with ingenious ways to capture their students’ attention.

One particularly unconventional method comes from one of @hauntedolive’s professors, who has used his impressive technical know-how to spice up his classes. In a creative marriage of Nintendo games and his own software, he transported himself into Animal Crossing to deliver his lectures. Not only did he recreate an office background using the instantly recognizable  graphics, he also added closed captions as his voice was translated into animalese. Twitter was understandably impressed with the amount of effort that had gone into the idea, with some people even wishing that they could take the class, too. It sure beats watching your teacher struggle to share their screen for ten minutes straight.


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