Racist Karen Gets Roasted for Sending Rude Email About Women Sat Next to Her on a Flight

Flying is one of the more undignified forms of travel available to us. Everyone except the uber rich finds themselves crammed like sardines in the plane, and this usually brings out the worst in people. Most of us have had to deal with screaming babies or recliner-happy douchebags at some point, but sometimes our fellow passengers go the extra mile with their awfulness.

This was spectacularly demonstrated by a woman who was next to @miss_crizzy on a recent flight, who reacted to her seating arrangements by painstakingly drafting a racist email to somebody on her phone. The whole thing got captured on camera, and it’s fair to say that this wild Karen was not good at trying to hide what she was doing. Viewers were taken aback by her brazen attitude, but most couldn’t help but find the funny side at her audacity. Why did this have to be such a problem?

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