Ranch-Lover Leaves Restaurant To Buy Ranch For Her Meal Mid-Date, Gets Dumped

It’s no surprise that midwesterners love ranch. There’s nothing I love more than dipping some squeaky cheese curds into a side of ranch and going to town on some beers in a dive bar in a midsized midwestern city. It might come as a surprise to a lot of midwesterners that ranch dressing is primarily an American thing. If you ask for a side of ranch on your European vacation, your waiter probably will not know what that is. 

Even though I love ranch as much as the next person who was born in Illinois, I have my limits, I will not put ranch on my pizza or use it outside of dipping fried foods like fries or tater tots. Ranch really overtakes a food and makes it taste only like ranch. One Redditor does not share the same boundaries as me and had to buy ranch during the middle of her date because she couldn’t finish her meal without it. 

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