Random Memes to Slide Down The Conveyer Belt of Your Brain

Every day you consume things. Unless you are sitting in a dark room with no technology because you’re recovering from a concussion or you’re a deeply neglected child (and if you’re either of those things, I’m terribly sorry), you consume stuff with your eyes and other less important senses every day. You see buses, Comedy Central sitcoms that got canceled after three seasons, and God. Just kidding about that last one, unless you’re highly advanced, or you’re that person suffering from that concussion, which, again, so sorry, buddy. Your brain filters out the residue of the day through dreams, which is why you keep having that recurring dream about Mr. Jellineck from Strangers With Candy hitting you with a bus, and you always wake up before you get to meet God. When you consume memes, the same thing happens! I have reason to believe that the following memes will be in your dream tonight. Please don’t ask me why. I have my reasons.

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