Rebellious First World Anarchists Who Don’t Give a Hoot About Breaking the Rules

Let’s be honest, most of us are really boring. All we ever do day in, day out is follow the millions of guidelines imposed on us by society. Go to work! Get married! Don’t run that red light! Just because some of these notions are there for worthwhile reasons doesn’t mean that we have to enjoy them. 

In fact, if we don’t care about the consequences, we don’t have to follow them at all. And you know what? Unless we risk harming other people, why should we? Sure, there are some concrete benefits to conformity and respecting the letter of the law, but you haven’t really lived until you’ve bent a rule or two. 

Nobody knows that better than those cheeky first world anarchists, who make everything slightly more exciting by daring to exist on the edge. Not everybody is going to get away with it, but that’s makes it so enjoyable. 

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