Relatable Memes for Childless Adults Who Are Really Tired of Seeing Newborn Baby Pics on Their Feed

The older you get, the more impossible it gets to avoid newborn baby photos on your social media feeds. No offense, but your unbaked baby is the last thing anyone wants to see while sipping their morning coffee. Let that thing age a little and get cuter before sharing your ‘joy’ with everyone else. And on behalf of every childless adult out there, New Parents, please refrain from posting more than one photo of your new child per week. It looks the same, please spare us a new position of the same baby in the same crib doing the same thing. We all know that new parents are just sleep deprived and not thinking straight. Their hormones are tricking them into thinking it’s acceptable to post 2000 photos of their alien-like newborn, but quite frankly, childless adults are about to be commenting «Yikes» on each photo because, quite frankly, that’s what we’re all thinking. 

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