Relatable Memes for College Graduates Feeling Nostalgic About Their ‘Instant Ramen’ Years

When you’re a student, one minute you think that you’re getting your life together (your grades are on the rise, the girl you like gave you her number, and your roommate taught you how to shotgun a beer), and then the next minute you’re zamboni-ing ramen broth off your kitchen counters because you spilled a lot and it’s soaking into your chemistry lab homework. This dichotomy of your early years will haunt you forever. Some teachers are creepy pedo’s that’ll offer good grades in exchange for… er… services… while other teachers inspire you to dive deeper into your study and pursue a life worth living in the academic world. That’s the funny thing about growing up, you realize that it’s not just college that’s full of contradictions like this, it’s actually the entire world. So as you stroll down memory lane and romanticize a time where you stole food from the dining hall to get through the week, check out these student-life memes to feed the flame in your chest with nostalgia.

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