‘Relatable’ Mom Comic Complains About Peach-Eating Husband, Gets Memed to Oblivion

Judging from the way people act about it, being a wife and mom is a thankless task. You push a couple of kids out only to never know a moment’s peace ever again, and your significant other may as well be another child (assuming they’re a man). The way it gets portrayed in the media, on the internet, and by many women with a husband and young children, the whole thing sounds like a bum deal.  

If everything has got to be so sh*tty, it’s only fair that moms get the chance to complain now and again. However, not every struggling parent out there has graphic design skills and a hefty social media following, such as Mary Catherine Starr of @momlife_comics. The illustrator has found the unforgiving eyes of the wider internet on her after posting a comic about her and her husband’s differing approaches to seeing the last peach in the fruit bowl. 

Although Mary thought that this was a reasonable gripe, most on Twitter didn’t seem to feel the same. After @KILLTOPARTY reposted the image while querying how many women secretly hate their husbands, the whole thing went haywire. The conversation started off earnestly enough, with many questioning why you wouldn’t talk with your partner about your leftover groceries, instead of making a passive aggressive webcomic about it. It comes as no surprise, though, that all this went out the window once the memers got their hands on it. There’s no denying that most mothers have a lot of pressure on them in family life, but this isn’t a blank check to post blatant cringe. Where are the wine moms and their zany face emojis when you need them?

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