Relatable Tweets For People With Anxiety and ADHD

It kind of feels like ADHD discourse has been at an all-time high. Everyone on Twitter seems to be discussing the disorder, and our advertisements on other social media sites always seem to do with acquiring medication for the issue, or receiving counseling for it. There’s a reason for this. Over the past few years, it’s become clear that attention deficit disorder manifests itself in many different ways – it’s not just feeling fidgety or having a poor attention span. I recently was diagnosed myself. It turns out that ADHD looks pretty different in women. Women with ADHD are more likely to be cripplingly anxious, depressed, and incredibly distracted. This often leads to disorganization, substance abuse, and easily overwhelmed. Learning this has changed my life, and helped me understand the source of my distractive spirals and paralysis in the face of duty. Being on meds has really, really helped me. 

Unfortunately, medication can’t fix everything. The unfortunate cocktail of ADHD and anxiety seems to affect a lot of individuals – and there are many tweets to prove it. So while I still suffer from tense moments and occasional mental agitation, at least there are memes and relatable tweets to remind me that I’m not alone. None of us are. 

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