Roller Derby Memes for Adults With Hobbies

There are some sports and activities that adult hobbyists naturally gravitate towards. You rarely see kids taking up bocce ball, bar trivia, improv comedy, or dodgeball leagues. Whether you like it or not, those are hobbies for people with jobs and lives, and oh, what a unique flavor of hobby they are! 

One of the most chaotic hobbyist sports is roller derby. Most people did not have a varsity roller derby league at their high school, so they have to start it when they are in their 20s and 30s. Unlike most sports, I think that early to mid-adulthood is when roller derby athletes are in their physical prime. Kids are too soft to thrive in such an aggressive sport, and that’s okay! Some sports are just like this! For instance, guys in their 60s are at peak performance in bowling. 22-34-year-olds are at peak performance in scrolling through memes. You get my gist. If you are a proud roller derby player who isn’t afraid to get rough with it, these memes are for you. 

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