Rowdy Airline Passenger Throws Tantrum Because of Crying Baby, Gets Arrested

There are very few places where adults are punished for acting a fool. You can’t scream and yell at work or the airport. That’s it. Technically, you can, but it can have incredibly dire consequences for your life. Everywhere else, yelling at people because you’re mildly irritated is not only common but often condoned. When somebody yells about their food at a restaurant, said restaurant is likely to comp their order, thereby validating the bad behavior. Constant adult temper tantrums can ruin the home lives of the other people living with these crybabies and create generations of people who yell whenever they don’t get exactly what they want. 

The reason people are typically on their best behavior on airplanes is that getting put on a no-fly list will actually ruin your life. Even if you don’t think it will because you don’t fly often, it’s not something to take lightly. One man put his flying future in Jeopardy this week when he screamed at a flight attendant. The reason? A crying baby was on his flight, and it annoyed him. 

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