Rude Boyfriend Mocks Girlfriend For Celebrating Her Birthday

There is a fine line between having dry humor and straight-up mocking people. A dry sense of humor can break the tension in various awkward situations, but using the facade of dry comedy to make fun of those close to you is a huge problem, especially in heterosexual relationships. A dude will make fun of everything his wife or girlfriend says to the point where you can’t tell when or if he’s joking anymore. Spoiler alert: he was never kidding to begin with. There’s something so pathetic about somebody who can’t be earnest for a waking second of their existence and has to take the piss out of everything that comes their way. One boyfriend who hated the idea of his girlfriend celebrating her birthday in public recently went viral on Twitter. While some came to his defense, many women recognized him for the passive-aggressive, fun-hating man-child that he is. 

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