Scatterbrain Memes: 26 Random Takes on Life with ADHD

Welcome to our collection of ADHD memes. We were originally going to talk about the history of ADHD, once known as ADD. But then we got to thinking, why the sudden addition of the ‘H’? Who decided to throw hyperactivity into the mix? And who are ‘they’ anyway? Those mysterious figures in white lab coats who decide all sorts of things about the human brain. Speaking of brains, have you ever thought about how remarkable it is that the organ that named itself is…

Oh, right. ADHD. We were talking about ADHD. And who could forget memes? Is that light blinking in sequence? No, wait, Focus. This brings us back to our initial point. Isn’t it fascinating how we can follow a single train of thought until… oooh, we smell coffee!

That’s ADHD for you, a whirlwind journey of thoughts, distractions, and shiny things. And if you’re laughing at this intro, we’ve got 26 more punchlines waiting for you in our ADHD meme listicle. So, strap in, or don’t, we’re not here to tell you what to do. Let’s embark on this scattered journey together.

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