Scrooge Woman Refuses To Spend Christmas With Her Exes 5-Year Old Daughter While Her Mother Battles Cancer

It’s common knowledge that one of the basic tenants of Christmas is giving. In particular, giving to those who are less fortunate than yourself. If I had to propose a runner-up in the Most Important Christmas Values ContestTM, I would nominate «keeping the magic of Christmas alive for children» Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with me on these uncontroversial values. 

The Reddit thread AITA or «Am I The A**h*le» features many contentious stories, and this one is no exception. A mother to a 13-year-old girl wonders if she’s the bad guy for refusing to let her ex-husband’s 5-year-old daughter, her daughter’s half-sister, spend Christmas with her family. The little girl’s mother is battling cancer, and her father explained to his ex-wife that because of his wife’s illness, they won’t be able to celebrate Christmas normally this year and asked if she would allow her daughter’s sister to spend it with their family. The woman refused, and it’s got many Redditors debating whether she was in the right or the wrong. 

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