Selfish Dude Refuses to Let Friend’s Service Dog In His Home, Inspires Debate About Whether or Not He’s An A-Hole

Judging by the communities on Twitter, TikTok, and even Instagram, we’re starting to wonder what people consider friendship to be. The way we see it, friendship occurs when there’s a mutual affection for one another, you can rely on the person for emotional support, and ask them for help. Friendship means taking care of others, and knowing that in turn, they’ll eventually take care of you, too. While this might seem basic to most sane people who have managed to cultivate relationships with others, we’re constantly bombarded with discourse on how aspects of friendship are «emotional labor,» and scripts that basically tell friends in need to f*ck off. 

Every now and then we see evidence of this selfishness rear its ugly head in person, but it’s far more prevalent on the Internet. Recently a fellow took to Reddit to ask the r/AmIthe4sshole community if he, is in fact, an 4sshole for not letting his friend bring his service animal to events at his home.

In his post, the Redditor explains that the dog is a diabetic alert dog. Diabetic alert dogs are trained to recognize when a person’s blood sugar is high or low, which helps prevent diabetics from suffering serious consequences. It seems that’s unimportant to the Redditor, whose aversion to dogs is so great that he can’t have the helpful animal in his home. OP also says he doesn’t want his kids to encounter poop and pee – two things we’re sure the children will encounter many times over the course of their lives. Pretty dumb. 

Responses to the post were surprisingly divided, with users decrying and defending the dude’s anti-dog behavior. We’re team Dog, but you can read on for the logic behind both sides of the argument. 

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