Seriously Weird Gaming Setups Constructed by Hardcore Gamers

Gamers can be a creative bunch. We only have to look at the amount of mods and fanart that video game inspires to conclude that this is a subculture that knows a thing or two about thinking outside the box. One of the most important parts of the gaming experience is the setup that is used, so it makes sense that people can get pretty wild when it comes to figuring out how to play their games in the first place.

It isn’t all light up keyboards out there; through a mixture of imagination and necessity, there are some wild computer configurations to be found on the internet. While many of us may not be able to imagine using some of these bizarre setups, there are apparently some out there who do. At least we get to marvel in their craftmanship and/or sheer cursedness. You don’t see machines like this every day.

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