Sheepish Guy Gives Away Chipotle He Ordered To The Wrong Location, Receives Overwhelming Response

Disappointments in life are all but inevitable, but receiving a disappointment when you’re hungry can feel like nothing short of the end of the world. If said let down is related to whatever you were about to consume, you can times that feeling by a thousand and cancel whatever you had going on for the rest of the day.

Being hangry can be an overwhelming state of mind, but @pissboymcgee is a stronger person than most. After ordering Chipotle to the wrong New York location and embarrassing himself at the branch he thought he was going to collect it from, he offered up his missing food to anybody who wanted it on Twitter. The individual who took him up on the proposal was @JaredsBurnerAct, who was both praised and envied for being quick to act on the opportunity for free Mexican fast food.

While it’s an established fact that it’s maybe a little too easy to take advantage of our takeout ordering culture sometimes, it’s nice to see it working in everybody’s favor for once. If nothing else, the virality of this series of tweets seems to agree.

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