Ship In Suez Canal Has Been Freed & The Memes Are Still Going Strong

Welp. On this sunny March morning, we are reminded that all good things must come to an end. After almost a week of effort, and at least a month’s worth of memes, the Ever Givencontainer ship has finally been freed from its dislodgement in the Suez Canal. As the traffic jam heard around the world was cleared, many Twitter users clamored for it to be «put back in.» The incident has been all anyone can talk about (or meme about) since last Tuesday, and netizens don’t seem ready to move on to bleaker, less funny news. While we know the memes will be petering out, we’ve put together the best tweets about the ship’s liberation – and some of the best from the weekend, before our favorite meme was cruelly shot down in the name of capitalism. Happy scrolling. 

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