Silliest Hagrid Memes for People Who Always Loved Harry Potter’s Best Hogwarts Groundskeeper

Harry Potter is a franchise that a lot of people grew up with and in some ways, the books and the movies, as well as the characters in them, raised an entire generation. That’s why it has such a strong following and a deep love for the mysterious, magical, deep, and light-hearted characters. 


For example, Hagrid, the beloved giant and Hogwarts groundskeeper, is known as one of the quirkiest characters and is beloved and oafish all at the same time. Sure, he frequently endangers the lives of 12 year old children, asking them to go into the forbidden forest to speak with 20ft tall arachnids and teaching them to pacify three-headed dogs, but despite all that, Hagrid is still an endearing character. 


With the passing of Robbie Coltrane, the Scottish actor that plays Hagrid, we can look back fondly on the character he so skillfully portrayed and can thank him for cementing this jovial giant into our hearts forever. You’re a legend and an icon, but most importantly, yer a wizard, Robbie. 

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