Simple Game Of Thrones Tweet Reawakens Season 8 Hate

The North remembers what happened at the red wedding, and Game of Thrones fans remember what happened in Season 8. It’s been a decade since the HBO series first hooked millions of viewers, edging devoted fans with season after season of multi-layered storylines and cliff-hangers, all culminating in an underwhelming final season that felt like someone hastily sweeping dust under a rug. It’s no surprise that GoT fans felt personally insulted after @GameOfThrones tweeted ‘Winter is coming,’ a famous line that was once heavy with the promise of an epic conclusion to the dramatic fantasy series. Game of Thrones faded out of the zeitgeist pretty quickly after that final episode, and yet even two years later, the fans are still bitter. Keep scrolling for a handful of the most amusing spicy responses to @GameOfThrones‘s triggering tweet. 

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