Snapchat Afficionado Reveals Insane Way He Used to Edit Selfies

It’s easy for us to all sit here and preach that the pictures of others we see on the internet are not an accurate representation of real life, but sometimes this is harder to spot than we might think. There are all kinds of tips and tricks that an avid Facetune user can pull to make themselves look hotter, and make the rest of us feel insecure. 

That being said, some of these serial photo tweakers are not as savvy as they would like to think they are. An excessive filter here and a suspiciously blurry waistline there can often give the game away when it comes to pictures that aren’t an accurate reflection of what somebody looks like in real life. 

Often, these mistakes are subtle, but that wasn’t the case for @mmarkroberts when he used to edit his selfies. Taking to TikTok to reveal what he used to make himself look like on Snapchat, viewers were gobsmacked at the level of manipulation. It’s hard to believe that anybody would post something like this seriously. 

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