So Many Memes To Chose From: How Will You Pick?

The meme population is rapidly growing every day. For every meme that dies, at least three are born. These bite-sized forms of entertainment are way easier and cheaper to make than babies. Much like an infant fish, you really don’t have to take care of them once you kick them out of the nest. It is estimated that humans will go extinct before memes do. As our birth rates decline, the memes keep marching on. 

With so many memes frolicking through this world, it’s difficult to decide which ones you want to consume. It’s like choosing an entrée at The Cheesecake Factory…so many options, and not enough time! Luckily for you, it’s a lot easier on the stomach and the wallet to consume 30 hilarious memes than 30 Cheesecake Factory menu options. The more realistic of the two options lies before you, as there are 30 strapping memes to peruse and enjoy merely one scroll away from here. 

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