Spicy Design Fails That Are Worthy of Double Takes

It’s easy to complain about the state of design these days. It seems like the graphic designers of the world got together to make everything as bland or amorphous as possible. Logos have been stripped down to look as basic as they come, and most graphics, especially of people, resemble abstract art or single-celled organisms more than they do humans. It kind of makes the design world, and media in general, feel a lot more boring. That said, there are definitely some exceptions, and they’re not always intentional. 

This selection of images features some design choices (and fails) that are the exact opposite of boring. In fact, many of them are unintentionally lewd or offensive. While pearl-clutching mothers and straight-laced individuals may have an issue with some of these gaffes, we’re enthusiastic about them. Never hurts to spice things up. Sometimes it actually helps. 


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