Spotlight On Our Favorite Femme Memelords

It’s the first week Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating meme-style by featuring some of our favorite femme memelords, starting with epic shitposter @the_biggest_mood_ever. If you’re not familiar, scrolling through TBME’s account feels like stepping into the psyche of a hilarious homie you never knew you had. The chaotic energy and spontaneity of her style of posting makes TBME an exciting follow—you never know if you’re going to see something crass, wholesome, relatable, or absurd pop up in your feed. We just know it’s a vibe, and that vibe is funny AF.

Not only are we including a bunch of her recent greatest hits, but we had the pleasure of asking TBME some questions about what it’s like to be be an Instagram memelord with over 78k followers. Be sure to check out @the_biggest_mood_ever and give her a follow for the full experience.

Memebase: Tell us a little about yourself! How did you first start getting into posting memes?
@the_biggest_mood_ever: I’m the CEO of the biggest mood ever. I came up with the idea in 2019 when I realized that my old gardening account was not active and at the same time I had too many shitposts on my phone with nowhere to post them. That’s how TBME was created. Easy.

What do you enjoy about shitposting?
Sharing the collective responsibility. The minute you see the images you become responsible for their existence!

What’s a meme that makes you laugh every time you see it?
Definitely ‘pass it to myself.’ (Included in the gallery)

What’s more interesting to you—cringe or based content?
I apply the principle of yin-yang to my cringe-based ratio.

You’ve got quite a lot of followers! What do you think attracts people to the memes you share?
I think that the memes that I share are easy to relate to, other than that I’m not really sure why people are following me. I love my followers though, they’re the best 🙂

What have you learned about the meme world over the course of @the_biggest_mood_ever’s existence?
It’s not all fun and jokes.

Do you feel like your account has a theme, or do you post intuitively? How much do you think your own personality is reflected in the content you share?
I post very spontaneously and in one way or another I relate to the memes I post almost every time.

What is the biggest mood ever?
The biggest mood ever is yet to come 🙂

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