Star Trek Memes For Die-Hard Trekkies

The Star Trek television (and cinematic, we suppose) universe is a very special one. Somehow, creator Gene Roddenberry imagined a world – and television shows – that have always felt super progressive in regards to their both characters and storylines. From the original series, to some of the more controversial and new offerings like Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds, the stories promote tolerance, curiosity, and peace. Which is impressive given the insane scope of the universe. It’s incredible that despite all their different customs, cultures, and quirks, most of the species seem to get along – at least they do, eventually. The «real world» could take a cue from the Star Trek universe. We’d be a lot better for it. On a less serious note, the world is already a little bit better because of Star Trek memes, so we’re here to share some of ‘em with you.

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