Star Trek Memes From All Across the Universe’s Timeline

The Star Trek universe is a very special one. Somehow, Gene Roddenberry created a world – and television shows – that have always felt impressively progressive in both characters and storyline. From the original series, to some of the more controversial and new offerings, the stories promote tolerance, curiosity, and peace. Which is impressive given the insane scope of the universe. It’s incredible that despite all their different customs, cultures, and quirks, most of the species seem to get along – at least they do, eventually. 

While some people may not appreciate some of the newer storylines in series such as Star Trek: Discovery,  we believe that they’re upholding the same exact care and message – especially with the introduction of a nonbinary character, Adira, and a trans character – her partner, Gray. That said, we have to report that nothing really hits quite like Star Trek memes that are dedicated to Discovery’s predecessors. And we’ve got quite a lot of them right here, for fans of all ages.

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