Strange and Surreal Memes For People With a Love For Unconventional Humor

This may surprise some of you, but Facebook used to be a glimmering utopia for meme lovers, especially meme enthusiasts with an affection for strange humor. We called it «Weird Facebook,» and for years the meme communities were thriving. Then Instagram took off and the boomers took over, leaving many of the prolific and niche Facebook meme groups collecting dust. While the convenience of scrolling through (and the joy of running) Instagram shitposting accounts is nothing to be scoffed at, we kind of miss the olden times. There were so many inside jokes and forced memes, and a whole lot of head-scratching. While we may not be able to commune with like-minded meme makers and enjoyers in the same way, there are still spots on Reddit where we can enjoy some of the stranger and surreal content the Internet has to offer. So we’re sharing some of that fun stuff with you, with an extra dash of liminal and cursed spaces as garnish. 

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