Strange Images That Blur The Line Between Cursed and Blessed

The internet was so much simpler when everyone labeled anything slightly non-normative as «cursed.» Any image that did not depict the most normie, understandable, easily graspable concept was called an affront to God or some kind of omen by the online masses. While calling things «cursed images» has slightly fallen out of style, our collective appetite for viewing unsettling images knows no bounds. 

The term «blessed image» has similarly fallen out of style, with internet users opting to call sweet and nice posts «wholesome» instead. Luckily, those conceptes have not fully been eradicated, as Reddit has birthed the term «blursed image.» Bluresed images are exactly what you think they are. They are weird enough to be cursed images, but wholesome enough to be blessed. They are a hilarious nuggets of internet culture that prove how creative and fun Redditors can be, and how images can’t simply be categorized by blessed and cursed. 

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