Suggestively Shaped Airship Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Social media users often find themselves to be a divided population. It would seem the nature of every different platform is to create petty disputes, ignite scandals and just generally encourage the worst of the worst to make itself known.

However, there’s one factor that unites a vast majority: how unbearably horny people can be. From Lady Dimitrescu to Waluigi, there’s nothing the internet loves more than uniting around a popular sex symbol. What’s more, they don’t even have to be a living things. 

The latest object to prove that thirst really knows no bounds is the Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10, which has gained the attention of Twitter users after a racy photograph of it was posted by @stem_feed. Benefitting from being shown at its thiccest angle, people couldn’t help but notice that the ship resembled the kind of scene you are more likely to find if you pay for an OnlyFans subscription. Engineering majors, perhaps it’s time to pack up that degree: booty-led aerodynamics are the pinnacle of technology. 


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