The Best Harry Potter Memes of the Week (May 16, 2023)

The way the Harry Potter fandom uses the term «muggles» confuses me. Sometimes, they use the word in the same way as the book does to refer to non-magical persons who are not a part of the wizarding community (making them different from squibs). I don’t have a problem with that usage of the term. What I don’t like is when they call people who aren’t Harry Potter fans «muggles.» I know it’s a playful insult, but y’all have to admit that you are a muggle yourself. If you’re over the age of 11 and have not received your Hogwarts letter, you’ve got to get real with yourself. You are a muggle, and they’re nothing wrong with that. I’m 99% sure you are a better person than Vernon Dursley, and that’s all the magical community could ask of you. If you aren’t afraid to admit your muggle status, these Harry Potter memes are a perfect fit. 

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