The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (June 5, 2023)

It is quite astounding how many of us do jobs that are just straight-up dumb. Most of these meetings, emails, and spreadsheets don’t amount to anything of importance, yet here we are, stressing out about them. When it comes down to it, it usually isn’t the work that we’re so pressed about (unless, you know, we happen to be one of those people who is actually passionate about their job). 

What we do care about is that we keep on getting paid, so that trickles down into all our fruitless tasks that don’t really matter in the big picture. Also, if we didn’t act like they were important we would literally lose all remaining motivation. That wouldn’t exactly be helpful when we want to keep earning money. These memes that relate to work might not be the best at helping to motivate us, but they understand the cognitive dissonance of the dumbest types of work. Onwards we go. 

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