The Internet Has Spoken: Men Need To Wear Shorter Shorts

Twitter is an absolute minefield of horrible discourse. It’s kind of like Rule 34. If it exists, Twitter will find a way to debate and troll it to oblivion. As summer is swiftly approaching (our chub-rub chafed thighs believe it’s already here) the discourse has taken a turn to summer fashion. Specifically, men’s shorts.  

Twitter user @cheracuse seems to have inspired the controversy with a matter-of-fact tweet that argues 5″ inseams are the only correct path for men who want to wear shorts. A statement like that is bound to garner reactions, and these Twitter users were happy to oblige with their two cents. While some men were concerned that their thunder thighs or extra meat wouldn’t work with this specific trend, most people (especially women) seem to be on board with the PSA. We’re inclined to agree with the thirsty people of the internet: 5 inches or higher is the way to go. But we’re here for the debate because, well, it’s nice to see the internet fighting over something like shorts for a change. 

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