‘They don’t initiate ANYTHING such as dates or intimacy’: People Share Serious Dating Deal Breakers in Insightful Thread

If someone says they don’t have any deal breakers, they’re probably lying. Or they’re just huge pushovers and desperately lonely. And while we feel for people like that, we gotta say: deal breakers are a healthy part of dating. Having this ultimate red flag in your mind, especially when dating online, can help you maintain important boundaries, and also help you dodge some serious bullets. If course, there are many kinds of deal breakers. Some are minor, some are shallow, and some actually make a lot of sense. 

My deal breakers could be read as a little mean. I refuse to date comedians or people who go to Burning Man. I also refuse to date a bartender. While I spend a lot of time at bars, and I have many friends who work in them, the hours are just not conducive to the type of relationship I would like to have. Earlier today, a Redditor asked the site to share their own dating deal breakers, and the responses were both very on point, and very hilarious. We’ve put together some of the best responses here, but there are tons more over at the thread. 


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