Thoughtful Thread Ponders The Disappearance Of Game Websites For Kids

The ways in which we use the internet have undergone some momentous changes over time, and this is especially true when it comes to how kids go online. As one Twitter thread has pointed out, gone are the days when young and innocent minds would log on to game playing sites created for  the under 13s. 

Lamenting the loss of places like Club Penguin and girlsgogames, commenters reminisced about the golden days of online kid’s gaming — but also expressed concern at how many children these days are being exposed to the scarier sides of YouTube and social media at younger ages.

The old way of doing things definitely had its issues, but we sure did have some good times with Flash (RIP). There may still be kid’s games out there, but we can’t argue that the Roblox-to-TikTok pipeline is the same as what has come before.


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