TikTok Nurse Gets Dragged Again for Saying People «Need» Botox

What we choose to change about our appearance (or not) is a very personal thing. Pretty much everybody has those physical insecurities that can make us feel like we want to put a paper bag over our head and never take it off. Luckily for us, however, we live in the magical age of modern cosmetic enhancements. All we need is a wad of money and a willingness to get a load of needles stuck in us, and we can all be living out our best homogenous, Instagram baddie/GigaChad reality. 

Just like the doubts that prompt people to get them in the first place, the choice to have procedures to enhance our attractiveness are mostly driven by societal ideas about how we should look. This means that it’s pretty scary that professionals like @np.miranda are acting like they’re something that everybody should do. After a screenshot from one of her videos claiming that people «need» Botox hit Twitter, the internet was less than impressed with her approach. You do you when it comes to your beauty regimen, but there’s no need to be enforcing the dogma on other people.

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