Tolkien Tuesday: The Best Lord of the Rings Memes This Week (October 25, 2022)

With the Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power first season gone, and since the House of the Dragon finale on Sunday, our roster of fantasy-related entertainment has taken a pretty major hit. What the hell am I supposed to watch now? Supernatural? Fat chance. I need my fantasy shows to be high-budget and high violence. And when I can’t get to enjoy either of the above, I guess it’s down to one thing: memes. Memes help to fill the void left by my favorite TV shows and comfort watches (the original LOTR trilogy), and since they deal with the very same material, kind of helps me relive the sweet experience of watching actors work with shitty dialogue. Heh. Anyway. Good thing I create these roundups every week, because I’d definitely be going through some serious withdrawal otherwise. So without further ado, here are our favorite LOTR memes of the week. 

There are some SPOILERS ahead, so proceed with caution. 

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