Unhinged Headlines That Would Make Any Florida Man Proud

Who says that crime can’t be funny? There are so many boring arrests made every day that journalists can’t help but take notice when an amusing one comes about. There’s some guy who, at present, is looking through arrest records to find the hard-hitting story of an extremely wacky guy. And boy howdy, do they find them. 

Not all news stories with wacky headlines have to do with arrests. There are so many strange daily incidents that are funny, inspiring, or just plain stupid that have nothing to do with breaking the law. 

As a culture, we tend to get hung up on the threat of crime. It dominates the news and even the scripted shows we watch for fun. Crime is at the forefront of our minds, and often, it’s nice just to see the goofy side of the news media, arrests or no arrests. Take a peek at the following wild headlines in the spirit of fun, dangerous, or just plain wacky news articles.  

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