Video of Matrix Fans Waiting to See ‘Reloaded’ Is a Beautifully Cringey Glimpse at the Early Aughts

As was the case for many older millennials, my cousin and I were intensely obsessed with The Matrix. We’d dress up and recite lines from the 1999 action film, writhing as we pretended to dodge bullets. We also learned that wearing sunglasses indoors can lead to injuries, but as tweens we didn’t really care. We just wanted to pretend we were slick action heroes with a very important mission.  

While I can’t speak for «kids these days,»  it definitely seems like this specific brand of nerdiness has kind of fallen off. Sure, there are cosplayers and furries, but when’s the last time you saw a line of people waiting to see a movie in costume? This ancient-looking news footage of fans waiting to see The Matrix Reloaded is a wonderful look at the way things used to be. Twitter user @inlandempire brilliantly ties it to the nostalgic «We used to be a country» meme, which adds a wistful and celebratory tone to the clip. We certainly applaud the dedication of these superfans and can’t help but wonder where they are now. 

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