Weekly Treat of Sci-Fi Memes For Geeks With a Sense of Humor (May 5, 2023)

Today is Cinco de Mayo. A day that is admittedly pretty grotesque when you consider the way it’s celebrated in the United States. Yesterday, however, was a holiday that includes none of the vomit-inducing drinking and cultural appropriation that is prevalent on the fifth of May. On May 4th, geeks everywhere celebrate Star Wars Day, and they do it by sharing Star Wars-related content on pretty much every social media platform. 

Here at Memebase, we don’t need an excuse to share sci-fi memes. In fact, we do it every week, whether it’s in our Star Wars meme galleries, Star Trek meme galleries, or our Friday treat of general sci-fi humor. Today we’re bringing you yet another collection of geekery, and we’re hoping you’re not burnt out from yesterday’s Internet festivities. 

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