Woman Inspires And Horrifies By Using iPod Shuffles As Hair Clips

You don’t have to be clued up on clothes to know that the right brand name can take you a long way in the fickle world of fashion. There are as many high fashion designers out there as there are brands of cereal these days, and it can make it hard to be original.

However, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for @sailorkiki who has raised eyebrows with her unusual approach to accessorizing using electronics. We’re not talking about something as basic as a Fitbit; instead, she’s decided to go for something more vintage. Her recent TikTok drew attention after she revealed that she was using a pair of iPod Shuffles as hair clips.

While the miniature music playing devices may have been discontinued since 2017, it seems they could be in demand after her innovative repurposing. Many viewers were shocked by her idea, but others were impressed by the creativity — especially as they were still functional and she planned on using them for listening to music, too. Overall, it proves that anything can be an accessory if you’re willing to think outside the box.


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