Woman Reveals Behind the Scenes Chaos of Being a Supervisor at Eighteen

There are few professional environments out there that can’t be lightened up with a dose of youthful enthusiasm, even if some people seem to think the idea of youth and a job well done are two incompatible elements. Fresh blood can be a virtue in the workplace, but there is a fine balance between getting it right and having things go completely pear shaped. 

Nobody knows this better than one questionably responsible TikToker, who shared an insight into her wild experience of taking on a supervisory role at her catering job when she was aged just 18. Revealing how she ended up in all manner of predicaments during her time in the role, many viewers expressed their desire to be able to work with someone similar, for entertainment purposes. While it’s unclear whether she got much actual work done, there’s no denying that working with her had to be a character forming experience.

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