Woman Shares Cruel Text Message Rejection, Garners Sympathy From the Internet

Being rejected by a partner (or potential partner) is never fun. Neither is rejecting someone. But as actions go, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to let a person down. The right way involves honestly, empathy, and hopefully meeting in person – or at least a somber phone call. Even «It’s not you, it’s me» is an acceptable theme, as it’s a situation that often rings true when a relationship simply doesn’t click. 

So while there are a number of considerate ways to tell someone that you’re not that into them, there are way more terrible ways to go about the process. And there are plenty of examples to be found on the internet. For instance, on January 25th, Twitter user @madiisuyn shared a text (more like a monologue) rejection that was so brutal that it definitely belongs in the text breakup hall of shame. 

She explains that she received these texts in 2020 from a boy who absolutely destroyed her. Two seconds of reading the text will definitely explain why. 


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