‘You don’t have permission to talk’: Reddit Thread Filled With Biggest Red Flags That Made Us Go ‘Yikes’

Eek, the modern world of dating and relationships… sometimes, amidst the excitement and if we’re being honest, nerves, we encounter those amusing yet unmistakable red flags. While we’re riding this wave of honesty, we admit we attract way more red flags than we’d like. We blame dating apps, as you never know what you’re getting based on four photos in bad lighting and a four-word bio. Whether you meet someone who is nitpicking the menu, someone who comments rudely on your appearance five minutes into the date, or someone who simply overshares, telling you their entire life story with all the juicy details within the first hour of knowing you… red flags are everywhere.

Stumbling onto funny Reddit threads is one of our favorite pastimes, and this case is no different. Below you will find a hilarious thread posing the question, ‘What are the biggest red flags you’ve seen on a date or with an SO?’. Redditors had a lot of hysterical replies to contribute. Scroll down to check them out. For more, here is a girlfriend who got even with her (ex) boyfriend who sold her Xbox.

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