15+ Anxiety Memes to Laugh About With Your Therapist This Week (May 12, 2023)

The catharsis of sharing your anxieties with a stranger is unmatched. You get to vent about worries and take cute little tests that tell you your attachment style. My attachment style is ‘PDF‘… meaning Boomers have no idea what to do with me, you can’t make edits to my personality (even when you notice flaws), and at the end of the day, I always get left behind. If that doesn’t make a person anxious, they must be invincible. Fortunately for you, anxiety is a diagnostic to your central computer that cannot be fixed, which is fine since you’ve grown accustomed to the stressy messy life. At least your therapist can count on a visit from you every week to recount the same 5 childhood dilemmas that you have still yet to solve in your mind. 

Got some more time to k!ll in the waiting room? Check out last week’s batch of stressy messy memes that’ll make you LOL with your therapist.

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