20 Hilariously Brain-Dead Memes to Get You Through Work After a Long Weekend (September 6, 2022)

Everybody loves a long weekend! Even people who are against the four-day-work-week can support the occasional riotous 3-day weekend. 


Although there aren’t many holidays that fall on a Monday, American’s love to keep it real for the ones that do: President’s Day, Memorial Day, and the best one… Labor Day. This day marks the end of summer, last date of the year to wear white, oh and the opportunity to get wasted on a yacht for the final time before temperatures drop and everyone becomes miserable. 


Labor Day is a beautiful holiday that rewards people who work hard all year. Unless you work in the service industry, hospitality, or are an essential worker like health care, groceries, and emergency services. So if you’re a 9-5er at a job that is not any of the above, you too can imbibe on the glories of this invaluable American tradition. 


However, if you barely survived this last 3-day fest, here are some memes to help you get through the work week upon returning back to Earth.

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